WATCH: Houston Man Shoots Armed Robber, Returns Stolen Money To All Victims

(SNews) – A customer at Houston Taqueria had enough of the out-of-control crime in this country and shot and killed a man who robbed him and the restaurant’s customers late Thursday night in Southwest Houston.

According to Houston police, an armed man wearing a mask entered the restaurant and demanded money and wallets from the customers. In the video below, you can see the gunman approach each customer pointing his gun in their faces and demanding their money and property.

Some customers scrambled for cover while others threw up their hands afraid the robber would open fire. Some customers can be seen throwing money at the armed robber, while others place their wallets and cell phones on the table which the robber snatches in quick, greedy motions.

You can see the hero customer get ready to make a move a few times too at the bottom of the screen before calmly waiting for the right moment to end the robber’s night.

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After collecting money from the customers, the robber made his way to the door and turned his back on the hero customer who was armed and waiting.

Big mistake.

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