WATCH: Elderly Man Reaches LIMIT With Liberal City’s Homeless Epidemic

(SNews) – A San Francisco man reached his limit with the homelessness crisis in the California city and pulled out a hose and sprayed a homeless woman after she refused to move.

Collier Gwin, the owner of the Foster Gwin Gallery on Montgomery Street in Jackson Square, said he “just snapped.”

“I said she needs psychiatric help,” Gwin said.

“You can tell, she’s pulling her hair, she’s screaming, she’s talking in tongues, you can’t understand anything she says, she’s throwing food everywhere.

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“I’ve been down here 40 years.

“I’ve seen tons of homeless people, we’ve helped the ones that we could, and I have not had any issues with people.

“But in this case, I was very upset, that the city could not help, and their hands are tied too.

“I’m out there once again cleaning her mess.

“Washing it down, trying to clean up stuff, and I just snapped.

“I was watering around her, and I just snapped, when she off in her belligerent, tongues and stuff.

“And I just snapped and I pulled the hose up higher, and I sprayed her.

“When I look at myself on the film, I can’t even believe that that’s me.

“But, I didn’t know what else to do. It was getting so frustrating

“I feel awful, not just because I want to get out of trouble, or something like that, but because I’d put a tremendous amount of effort into helping this woman on the street.

“I’m very, very sorry, I’m not going to defend myself, I’m not going to, because I can’t defend that.”


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