SHOCK VIDEO: BLM Terror in Grand Rapids

(BLP) – Terrorists affiliated with the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter movements harassed a motorist in Grand Rapids, Mich. on Saturday.

The extremists can be seen brandishing weapons while menacing an innocent motorist during their violent and subversive protest.

Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial posted the disgusting video, which has since been removed by Twitter censors desperate to carry water for the left-wing terrorists:

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Other videos show how ANTIFA and BLM terrorists menaced the city of Grand Rapids throughout the entire day:

These far-left radicals are engaging in sustained riots over the shooting death of Patrick Lloya, a serial felon who died while resisting police. Lloya had been previously convicted of beating a pregnant woman, and he is the new thug du jour that the soulless mob is worshiping as they wage war on civilization.

Big League Politics has reported on other reprobates who have been sainted in the diverse and multicultural American landscape, such as fentanyl addict George Floyd and low IQ burglar Armaud Arbery:

“The GOP-dominated state legislature of Georgia has named Feb. 23 “Armaud Arbery Day,” honoring the fake jogger who was shot dead after fleeing a robbery scene and trying to wrestle a gun away from a man attempting a citizens’ arrest.

State Rep. Sandra Scott, a Democrat from Clayton County, introduced the measure. Cowardly Republicans went along with it, and now another thug will be deified as America falls to diversity and multiculturalism.

“Mr. Arbery was a loving son, brother of Jasmine Arbery, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend who left an impact on countless Georgians and Americans,” the resolution reads, adding that Arbery was “a compassionate and generous man” who “will long be remembered for his love of family and community.”

Of course, the text of the resolution is laughable, low IQ drivel. Key evidence was banned from the Arbery murder trial that would have driven a stake through the phony media-generated narrative about the delinquent.

Big League Politics reported about how a judge banned evidence from being presented in the trial of Arbery’s history of posing as a jogger to commit robberies…

All authentic American heroes will be destroyed and replaced with the likes of Arbery. This is how nations are ruined. Cultural Marxism 101.”

Welcome to the new normal, where God-fearing, law-abiding Americans are held hostage to the whims of the devout enemies of order, decency and good hygiene. This is the United States of Somalia until the silent majority rises up to put an end this madness once and for all.

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