Outrage: Dems Sue Automakers For Making Cars “Too Easy To Steal”

(SNews) – Democrats have launched a new effort to tackle car thefts in their crime-infested cities.

Rather than arrest and jail criminals, Democrat cities are now suing car manufacturers for making their cars too easy to steal.

Milwaukee, Rochester, and Baltimore, three cities consumed by crime, are suing Kia and Hyundai because thugs keep stealing their cars.

Milwaukee City Attorney Tearman Spencer said:

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“We are elated at this moment that we finally, finally got the word to move forward for a lawsuit.”

In the first three months of 2023, Milwaukee police say 373 Kias were stolen and 304 Hyundais were stolen.

“In my estimation, all the problems emanated in Milwaukee, the epicenter of the cause and problems that we’ve been experiencing,” said Spencer.

“As long as you live in the city of Milwaukee and pay taxes, you have standing,” said Spencer.

“You have damages from MPD having to respond, fire having to respond.”

Amanda Mattefs’ whose Hyundai has been stolen twice said they need to stop the criminals first:

“I was more mad that there was something happening in the city that couldn’t be controlled.

“At the end of the day, people are going to figure out how to do that if they want to steal a vehicle.

“They need to take a deeper look at what was happening then and is happening now, and it still hasn’t changed.

“They’ve just been talking about change and nothing really has.”

Hyundai said in a statement:

“Hyundai is committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of our products.

“All Hyundai vehicles meet the anti-theft requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 114.

“In response to increasing thefts targeting Hyundai vehicles without push-button ignitions and immobilizing anti-theft devices in the U.S., Hyundai has introduced a free anti-theft software upgrade to prevent the vehicles from starting during a method of theft popularized on TikTok and other social media.”


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