MUST-SEE: Hollywood Legend Goes OFF On Anti-Trump Zealots

(SNews) – Hollywood legend James Woods has taken to social media to blast the political persecution of President Donald Trump.

Woods has been working on some creative projects and was absent from social media for a few months.

But Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s overreach has brought him back with a vengeance.

Woods said:

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“China and Russia colluding to carve up the world is what the puppet masters pulling the strings in the White House SHOULD be concerned with.

“Instead, they’re ghost hosting a dog and pony show in New York, while our president naps.

“No public trial for a presidential candidate? So even the information stream will be strangled and thus controlled by one political party.

“The most grievous attack on the checks and balances inherent in our constitution in play right out of the gate.

“I’m so bored with politics per se, but enjoy watching the shenanigans.

“The gambit behind this current circus in New York is to help Trump win the Republican nomination, I think.

“And all because they think Trump is the only guy Biden can stay in his basement and still beat.

“Without human oversight, Artificial Intelligence has a superior edge over humans.

“The human oversight, even if available, will be primarily comprised of the same people who can’t define what a woman is.

“The options are limited to say the least.


“Are District Attorneys in our major cities being influenced by campaign funding?

“Are we any longer certain that there are only two biological sexes?

“Are our news and social media unbiased?

“Is our border secure?

“Are we certain about the integrity of our elections?

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