JUST IN: Jim Jordan Makes MAJOR Move To Exposes The Truth

(SNews) – Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is ramping up his investigations into the weaponization of the federal government.

Jordan has now asked the House Administration Committee to provide his team with millions of dollars in funding to expand its investigations.

The congressman has asked for an additional $2 million annually for the committee.

He has also requested a $15 million reserve fund that could be used anytime.

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On Tuesday, Jordan made his case during a House Administration hearing.

“We’ve seen the First Amendment under attack from big tech and big government, just read the Twitter Files,” Jordan said.

“We’ve seen how the Justice Department, the FBI, have used their law enforcement authorities, we’ve seen how the open border policies of this administration have led to crime, drained local resources, and helped drugs flow into our country.

“These are important, serious issues.

“These are things the Judiciary Committee must examine.

“We expect to have an aggressive legislative and oversight agenda this Congress.

“In addition, the House has created a new select committee within the Judiciary Committee on the weaponization of government.”



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