JUST IN: Former Fox News Insider Reveals What’s Coming Next

(SNews) – Trish Regan, a former Fox News host, predicted the Rupert Murdoch-owned network will go through some serious soul-searching after firing Tucker Carlson.

But, she warns that the damage has been done and Fox News hosts will never trust the Murdochs again.

She said: “Fox will go through soul searching now. They won’t be able to figure out how to fill the 8pm slot. The hosts will have no confidence that management will ever back them (REALITY CHECK – FOX WON’T)

“And frankly? Who the heck would WANT the job knowing that the Murdochs told your predecessors to just get ratings – then gave them the boot.

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“Tucker Carlson made a TON of $$$ for the Murdoch family, but they kicked him to the curb. “Tucker will be FINE. But, it’s a lesson to every smart creator:


She also responded to the news that President Joe Biden is officially running again despite too many flaws to count.

She said: “Biden is 80. He’s an old 80.

“He’d be 86 when he left office should be win in 24.

“He’s simply too old for the job.”

The way the Murdochs got rid of Tucker proves Trish is correct.

According to Yahoo:

After a decade-plus career at the network, Tucker Carlson was let go just 10 minutes before Fox News released a statement announcing his departure, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

The abrupt nature of the ouster was echoed in a report from The New York Times, which said the anchor was told Monday morning without any heads up.

The producers of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” were still planning the evening’s broadcast, fellow former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Monday on his show “No Spin News.”

“They were in the middle of that,” O’Reilly said of the planning, and, “boom: Tucker Carlson is history at the Fox News Channel. That’s how fast it came. I know he didn’t want to go out this way. I don’t even know if he knows what the inner decision-making was.”


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