BREAKING: Thomas Massie Makes Move That Has Americans CHEERING

(BLP) – Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) announced on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Live on Friday night that he will be on a new committee modeled after the influential Church Committee of the 1970s to investigate deep state corruption and potential criminality.

“We were making sure that this committee wasn’t going to be fenced in, that it wasn’t just going to be a show committee. We wanted to make sure that we have full jurisdiction…We’ve secured a guarantee that we can go wherever the evidence leads us,” he said.

Carlson asked Massie how this new committee would be more successful than previous committees, which were stonewalled by the deep state and ultimately ineffective at rooting out systemic corruption from the three-letter agencies of the federal intelligence bureaucracy.

“We’ve been talking to the intel committee, which has the authority to get all that information…You’re going to have to trust the people who are put on this committee. And if there is something fishy going on, I’ll…tell you, but a lot of it will be behind closed doors. It will be classified information, but if we find anything illegal or unconstitutional we will bring it forward,” Massie said.

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Carlson said that he trusted Massie and would invite him back to his program in order to talk about the committee’s findings regarding deep state corruption and criminality.

The clip can be seen here:

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