BREAKING: Megyn Kelly FIRES BACK After Liberals Launch Nasty Attack

(SNews) – Megyn Kelly was accused of going on a “transphobic tirade” after she criticized Bud Light’s disastrous ad campaign featuring transgender Dylan Mulvaney.

During her podcast, Kelly accused Mulvaney, a man who dresses in women’s clothing, and beermaker Bud Light of making a “mockery of womanhood.”

She also noted that the brand’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, is facing a backlash because it isolated its own customers to appease the radical Left.

On Tuesday, the host of Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” tweeted an article from the far-left entertainment outlet The Wrap.

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The article was headlined, “Megyn Kelly Goes On Transphobic Tirade Over Dylan Mulvaney.”

Kelly didn’t take the smear lightly, however, and shot back over the insinuation.

“Call me whatever names you want,” Kelly wrote.

“I am speaking the truth.”

“And neither I nor the millions of other women (and men) who believe in biology/reality/fairness will be dissuaded by your attempts to marginalize us with words like ‘transphobic,’” she added.

Kelly’s tweet has since gone viral and has currently been viewed way over 2 million times.

In the article, the outlet called out Kelly for blasting Anheuser-Busch and the company’s CEO Brendan Whitworth.

On her show, Kelly said Anheuser-Busch and Whitworth could keep their “pathetic, rambling, empty-air sandwich of — I can’t even call it an apology — an attempt to dissuade people from hating his company and him.

“It was an utter fail,” she added.

“Screw you and your stupid empty platitudes.

“I read this, I’m like, ‘Oh, your little, market-tested buzzwords on what’s supposed to stir up our patriotism.’

“Too late, sir! The buzzwords we were looking for: ‘I’m sorry. We screwed up.’”

Outraged conservatives lashed out at Whitworth for refusing to admit the company made a mistake when it partnered with Mulvaney.

The partnership has resulted in a widespread boycott by customers against the company, wiping billions of dollars off its value.

“This person [Mulvaney] who’s on their beer can has made a mockery of womanhood and girlhood for literally the past year and has been celebrated by far-lefties all across the country,” Kelly said on her show Monday.

“But to see what’s supposed to be a mainstream beer company do it was a bridge too far.

“That’s why they’re having the reaction they are.”

“He [Whitworth] needs to apologize if he wants to save his company,” she added.

“And he won’t do it.

“Instead, we’re getting the horses ad which was, ‘Oh, I’m sure it’s just completely coincidental put out right after his statement…’”

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