BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Announces Brand New Venture

(Slay News) – Gun rights advocate Kyle Rittenhouse has announced the launch of his new YouTube channel that delivers content centered around the Second Amendment.

Rittenhouse’s new business venture comes as he readies to sue media companies, celebrities, and politicians for smearing him before, during, and after his self-defense case trial.

On Sunday, Rittenhouse announced he is launching his own YouTube channel.

Rittenhouse released a trailer for his channel and said it will be dedicated to creating content centered around guns and the 2nd amendment.

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He was joined for the announcement by popular YouTuber Brandon Herrera, who Rittenhouse said has offered him some “great advice.”

“Hey guys thank you guys for checking out my YouTube channel,” Rittenhouse says in the clip.

“I have some great content that I look forward to making for you guys.

“Thank you Brandon for helping me get started and for letting me film with you and for giving me some great advice.

Brandon said: “I don’t know if it’s great advice yet we’ll see how the channel goes.

“It is advice,” he joked.

“It’s advice, we don’t know if it’s quite great, yeah we’ll see, we’ll see,” Rittenhouse added.

Brandon said: “You guys can help him out by going ahead and liking this video, commenting, and boosting the algorithm.

“And tell him what kind of content you want to see and also of course by subscribing.”

“Thank you guys very much for continuing to support me and I’ll see you guys in the videos to come,” Rittenhouse concludes.


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