BREAKING: Historian Confirms Biden It “WORST President Ever

(SNews) – Presidential historian and New York Times best-selling author Craig Shirley knocked President Joe Biden off his high horse in a recent interview.

Shirley says Joe Biden is on track to become the nation’s worst president in history.

“I ranked him among our five worst presidents in American history,” Shirley said.

“He’s actually going to become the worst president in American history,” Shirley added.

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“Everything he does seems to be about destroying American exceptionalism, the American experiment and the American creed,” he stated.

“I’ve come to the conclusion he’s doing it on purpose.”

Shirley recently defended Newsmax:

The great historian David McCullough once said before he passed away, “We are now into our third generation of historically illiterate Americans.”

The left is pleased. Ignorant people are more easily led and pushed around.

Now we find it in the efforts of DirecTV — owned by AT&T — to censor Newsmax TV.

Newsmax TV is the highly successful heir to another conservative cable system as of late.

Newsmax has kept true to its original mission of news from a conservative perspective.

In other words, Newsmax’s content matches up with the vast majority of Americans.

Newsmax is the vision of founder Christopher Ruddy along with his flagship magazine and radio networks.

But collectivism cannot stand the dissemination of conservative ideas simply because, freedom is better than tyranny.

At the very least, DirecTV — and AT&T are guilty of violating the constitutionally protected right of free speech.

In other words, Direct TV is interfering with Newsmax audience’s right to hear all the information on breaking news.

And Direct TV is disrupting Newsmax’s right to do business with you, the viewer.

You don’t get news and information anymore from NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” they are interested only in shrinking knowledge, not expanding it.

The program’s ratings are abysmal.

Same too with The Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC and CBS.

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