BREAKING: Germany EVICTING Citizens as Government Makes Room for Refugees

(SNews) – Germany has begun serving eviction notices to poor and elderly citizens as the government makes room to house foreign refugees.

In the German city of Lörrach, forty people living in the same apartment building have been given eviction notices.

As of January 31, over 1 million Ukrainian refugees have been accepted by the German government, according to data provided by Statista.

In 2022, Lörrach accepted 638 refugees, the city explained in a Monday news release.

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The city will be accepting 356 more in 2023.

The district’s largest real estate and service company is Wohnbau Lörrach.

The company has properties that consist of about 4,070 apartments and 100 commercial units in the city, according to its website.

Lörrach announced an agreement with the residential complex to rent out the buildings to house the flood of refugees that will be arriving in the city.

However, in order to make room for the incoming refugees, 40 current tenants at the residential buildings on Wölblinstrasse have had their rental agreements terminated.

“The accommodation of people who have fled is currently a major challenge for the municipalities,” the city wrote in a letter to tenants, according to German news outlet Focus Online.

“The city of Lörrach is currently dependent on living space that is available at short notice.”

“However, we will offer you alternative, suitable housing and support you in moving, also financially,” reads the letter, which has been translated from German to English.

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