Breaking: Elon Musk Moves To Take Down Fox News

(SNews) – Rupert Murdoch is being warned that Elon Musk is planning to replace Fox News and other corporate media networks by making Twitter the new default for news reporting.

Axios reporter and CNN media analyst Sara Fischer warned Murdoch that his control over the Republican narrative is coming to an end.

She said more and more conservatives are telling the mainstream media to pound sand and using alternative platforms like Twitter to consume, and report, the news.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will officially announce his candidacy for 2024 on Twitter, as Slay News reported.

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In a break from tradition, DeSantis will bypass the corporate media and launch his campaign during a live Twitter event hosted by Musk.

Tucker Carlson will also relaunch his hit show on the platform after getting 100 million views for his most recent video.

The Daily Wire will move all its podcasts to Twitter at the end of May.

“You’re going to start to see a lot more momentum flock there from conservatives, and that used to be Fox’s territory,” Fischer said.

“If you’re Rupert Murdoch, this is a scary time.”

“The old system is collapsing,” Carlson said.

“You can’t claim you’ve got a democracy if all the information voters receive before a presidential election has been curated by the people already in charge.”

Fischer wrote:

Elon Musk has displaced Rupert Murdoch and Fox News as the king of conservative media in recent weeks.

Why it matters: Fox News used to be the place where conservatives went to break news. But the right-wing ecosystem has turned on the network, leaving Twitter as the center of media gravity for the Republican Party just as the 2024 election heats up.

Consider that it’s been exactly one month since Fox fired Tucker Carlson and in that short period of time:

Fox’s ratings have sunk in the 8 p.m. hour as viewers flock to rival Newsmax.

But the most terrifying stat for Rupert Murdoch and Fox executives comes from a recent survey done by Gallup.

They found that people no longer follow networks like Fox but rather follow individual stars like Tucker Carlson.

And the stars do not need a network to promote them anymore.

According to Gallup:

In 2022, the highest percentage of Americans in 50 years of Gallup tracking reported no confidence at all in the news media.

This aligns with growing public distrust in a wide variety of U.S. institutions.

A new Gallup/Knight Foundation study finds that many Americans regularly turn to individuals with public platforms for news and information.

These individuals include celebrities, journalists, academic experts, TV show hosts, online influencers, and business leaders.

The top two reasons given for following these individuals are personality and trust.

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