BREAKING: Biden Gives Away BILLIONS To Jump-Start WWIII

(TPM) – On Thursday, President Biden requested $33 billion in new funding to go towards supporting Ukraine’s military in their defense against the ongoing Russian invasion.

In a press release from the White House, the Biden administration stated that they are calling on Congress to approve the new funding to “provide additional resources to help ensure Ukraine’s democracy prevails over Putin’s aggression.”

They noted that “Almost all of the $3.5 billion in drawdown authority Congress provided in March has been exhausted,” saying the US has supplied weapons, ammunition, helicopters, anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, drones, and grenade launchers to the country.

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“Continued bipartisan support in Congress is vital to ensuring that the Ukrainian people have the resources they need to win this war, and this Administration is committed to working with lawmakers and our global allies and partners to keep aid flowing to Ukraine uninterrupted and to support those devastated by the food crisis that Putin’s war has exacerbated,” the press release stated.

The $33 billion would include $20.4 billion in funding that would help Ukraine defend itself over the long term, including additional security and military assistance for the country, and resources to give the country additional equipment necessary in defending the country like accelerated cyber capabilities and advanced air defense systems, assistance to clear explosive devices, and a “stronger NATO security posture.”

The sum also includes $8.5 billion in “economic assistance to help the Government of Ukraine respond to the immediate crisis and continue to provide basic citizen services,” including assisting the Ukrainian government in continuing to function, supporting food, energy and health care services, countering “Russian disinformation and propaganda narratives,” and supporting smaller “agribusinesses” during the fall harvest.

$3 billion would go towards addressing humanitarian needs like food support, medical supplies, and job training.

Some have noted that the cost to send this aid across the world to Ukraine shadows that which would have been needed to build the US’ southern border wall, and defend it amidst a historic increase in migration.

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